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TSN Hormofit

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TSN Hormofit, Natural growth hormone booster
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Supplement Facts

Each Hard Gelatin Capsule Contains

  • Fenugreek 350 mg
  • Withania Somnifera(Indian Ginseng) 100 mg
  • Tribulus Terrestris 70 mg
  • Phylianthus Embalica 30 mg
  • Asparagus Rosemosus 30 mg
  • Asparagus Adscendens 30 mg
  • Pueraria Tuberosa 20 mg
  • Dioscria Bulbifera 20 mg
  • Argyria Speciosa 20 mg
  • Myrobalan 20 mg
  • Belavic Myrobalan 20 mg
  • Dactylorhiza Hattagirea 20 mg

Additional Info

    • Natural growth hormone Regulator
    • Exclusively for Female
    • Fenugreek Based Supplement to Regulate Hormone Function with Estrogen Balance

It was after a decade that we were able to produce such a mighty composition of powerful fenugreek and the ancient Indian herbs as natural ingredients for boosting up the hormone levels in the safest possible way.

Why Fenugreek ?
Fenugreek contains a compound called Diosgenin which has estrogen like properties. Other than raising the hormone levels, Fenugreek improves digestion helps in maintain a healthy metabolism and improves male potency.
Hormofit not only increase your overall performance but it also promotes increased protein synthesis in the body hence increasing the muscle building and repairing process .This revolutionary formula enhances your hormone levels naturally for peak performances and dramatically regulate the hormone balance of the body in the natural way.

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